Transcripts of old exams

[only for oral exams]

Please consider that we need to keep the collection of protocols up to date, so instead of passing on the transcripts to your friends, please refer them to us.
As we usually answer all request during service hours, it may take up to a week until youz get your files.

Transcripts in storage

To help you with your exams, we have written transcripts for a wide variety of exams. We continue to collect memory minutes of various written and colloquial exams and state examination.

You can ask us which transcripts are available either via e-mail or at our service hours.

For legal reasons we can not allow you to download these transcripts. Please get your transcripts during the semester if possible, since we can not provide regular service hours during semester break.

How to get your transcripts

Since you probably are not interested in transcripts from 1989, we try to keep our storage up to date. That’s why we are grateful for any new transcripts sent to us. We ask you to leave behind you mail adress and exam date when getting transcripts, so we can send you a reminder for your own one.

This system only works because there are nice people who participate and write transcripts for exams. So please be fair and return he favor by handing in one as well. The more recent the transcripts, the better people can prepare for their exams. We do not expect your transcript to be word by word recollection, but a reasonable and structured list of the questions and tasks is required. Also please note the emphasis on different topics in your exams, as well as the atmosphere. You can always write more if you want.

Your transcripts for our collection

Please send the transcripts to

Please send the transcripts in .pdf format. Thank you!