Student Initiatives

Here we have put together a selection of student initiatives that have convinced us of their usefulness for students through an interesting or funny idea. Maybe some of them will seem very helpful to you. A complete list of all student initiatives can be found on the Stuve website.

      • Laufgelage

The VWI Hochschulgruppe Erlangen organize their Laufgelage several times a year – a charming, culinary event for all friends of good taste who feel like meeting new people, eating delicious food and celebrating together. Anyone who lives in Erlangen or has a kitchen within the area can join in (registration is online).

As a team of two, you will be assigned there to prepare appetizer, main course or dessert in your kitchen. Starting with the appetizer, three teams always meet for a course and change locations at predefined times, either to be pampered by another team or to cook themselves. So that all meet again at the end, follows as a fitting conclusion the joint party in the Paisley (free admission).


The young social start-up offers prospective students the opportunity to form a valid opinion about a study through direct contact with students. For this purpose, the online platform was launched, through which prospective students can get in direct contact with students of the study programs of their choice and ask questions. The project is still looking for students who would be willing to get involved. The effort is limited, because the questions are divided among several students. In addition, bonuses such as subscriptions are offered for the commitment.