Scheduling of classes

To put together your schedule you need two things:
First, there are the Examination Regulations, which provide you with a guideline, which modules (lectures etc.) you have to pass during your studies. Second, there is the UnivIS, a website that contains all information about modules, persons, events etc. at the FAU.

At the right top of the screen, you will find a flag-button to change the website’s language to English.
Your path then will be:
“course list” -> “Physik, Materialphysik” -> “Master Program Physics” or “Master Program Materials Physics” (don’t worry about the two seperate – but equally named – links, the pages’ contents should be the same).
There you will find a listing of all modules available (Make sure, the right semester is chosen (top right, just below the language changer)). Here you can choose your modules.

We strongly recommend to manually write your schedule (using eg. LaTeX, Office, paper, …) – this will probably save you much time.

If you want to, you can also generate a schedule online:
First of all, this will not work when using multiple tabs in your browser – make all selections within the SAME tab!
Tag your chosen modules by klicking the small boxed M (NOT the smaller box left to the M-box). When you have finished, klick “module collection” (top of page) to view your chosen modules. There, choose the parts you want on your schedule by clicking the mini-table. When finished, click “Collection/class schedule” (next to “module collection”), then go to “class schedule” (left side of screen) to get your schedule. Choose the data you want shown until the preview matches your preferences, then choose the “printable version” to get rid of everything except the timetable, or export your schedule to postscript or PDF.