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You are currently on the page of the FSI (Fachschaftsinitiative) Math/Physics. We are made up of committed students from each semester and ensure contact between students and the faculty. Under this menu item you will get information about your beginning study of mathematics, physics, the related high school teaching degree or Data Science .

For more general info, check out the FAU website MeinStudium. If you have any questions, we are also always available by email (

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Extra welcome text for first-year teacher students
Cheat sheet with all survival necessities for the start of studies and building plans of math and physics.

You will also find the following on subpages:

If your lectures are on Zoom, you can find at the Computer Center (RRZE) info on using Zoom (if you’re interested in why we use Zoom at the university, you can find a statement from FAU here). On the RRZE page you can also find information and instructions about everything that has to do with technology, for example WLAN at the university, VPN access (e.g., important if you want to use a VPN). For example that’s important if you want to download an e-book from the university library at home) or software for private use.