Winter and Summer party

Date of the upcoming Summer party: 06.06.2024

Every year around June and December the FSI Maths/Physics/DS celebrates in collabaration with an other FSI the most legendary and greatest parties of the year. Destined to be the most epic and awesome event of them all, we work all year really hard to improve it and for now it works perfectly.
So be aware and when you see a magnificent poster with a chicken and a bat titled “Sommerfest am Ei-Weiher” (Summer celebration at Egg-Lake) you know the best time of the year is coming. You will find us between the wings A and B right next to famous Egg-Lake in the department of physics and definitely not to be missed, with great beer, cocktails, food (grilled steaks, sausages,corncobs, salds and fries) and a great DJ with extraordinary music just for you. Not far away in the foyer just half a year later there is the Winter celebration with mulled wine and music.

But to be serious: We can only do this because the departments of Biology and Physics support us in a great way and because we have visitors that know how to party and how to behave. So please, if a FSI-member or one of the securities asks not to do something, please follow their instructions – it’s in our and your interest to keep everything going smooth and there are some stipulations we have to fulfill. But we are glad to hear of every complaint or feedback you might have, of course.