Game Nights

To all who like to catch caps, roll (dice)eyes and tearing hair. To all those who count cards, fours or victory points. And, of course, to everyone else. Feel free to join our FSI game nights. Drinks and snacks will be provided and there will also be a joint pizza order. Feel free to bring your own games.
On 23.05 in particular all professors, lecturers and tutors are invited to get to know each other from a different perspective.
And on 06.06 there will be a game night, where a room will be prepared espacially for all karaoke enthusiasts.
The next game nights are
~~ Mon May 8th
~~ Tues May 23th (tutors game night)
~~ Tues June 6th (karaoke game night)
~~ Fri June 23st
~~ Thur July 6th
~~ Fri July 21st
each starting at 6pm in the math tutorial rooms (around Übung 4).
We are looking forward to seeing you!